5 Cheap Products Great for Every Clinic

By | December 22, 2015

There are clinics of all kinds, but one thing connects them all. All clinics focus on health of one kind or another for patients. If you are part of a clinic or are looking to start one up, you’ll have a lot to think about in terms of stocking the facilities with essential equipment.

Most of the time, stocking will come down to making sure that medical supplies are taken care of. After all, medical supplies will be the most important things for use in caring for patients. But it should also be said that a few small things can be key in making your clinic run effectively and efficiently.

Make sure that you have these 5 cheap products in your clinic waiting room, and it will definitely help with daily operations to ensure that every patient has a quality experience.

1. Hand Sanitizer

This is number one for a reason. Hand sanitizer can help ensure that people coming in to the clinic only leave with what they came in with. Some people carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer with them, but many do not. Having a hand sanitizer dispenser in the waiting room is very inexpensive and can do a world of good where germs and spreading bacteria are concerned.

2. Pens and Pencils

People in waiting rooms are often preparing to speak with a doctor or nurse. They may have questions or symptoms they need to write down. In addition, when medical staff talk to patients and offer directions and instructions on what they should do, it can be extremely helpful for patients to write the information down.

3. Basic Health Information in Pamphlets or Posters

Most hospitals, doctors’ offices and clinics have some sort of health information around, but if you’re clinic hasn’t gotten on board with this yet, then it should. It’s a good idea to make sure that there is information on germs or viruses going around so that your patients can always stay informed.

In addition, having general health information on posters and boards on the wall is a great idea to get individuals and families engaged in their own health. It never hurts to have key information available while patients wait in the waiting room for their appointments. They might actually learn a thing or two while they’re waiting to go in.

4. Tissues and Waste Baskets

When people are sick, they need to be able to blow their noses and discard their dirty tissues somewhere. Again, some people will have their own tissues, but many will not. Making sure that some are always available is a good idea.

5. Free Water and Small Cups

People are nervous and don’t feel well when they are waiting for their appointment at a clinic, so having a simple water machine and some small cups available can really help them out. Plus, it’s good for everyone to start drinking more water and taking charge of their daily liquid intake. Why not start at the clinic!