5 Simple Ways to Jazz Up Your Classroom Bulletin Board

By | December 14, 2015

Bulletin boards. Every teacher has one. But you aren’t just every teacher. You are a one-of-a-kind, teacher extraordinaire. No ordinary bulletin board will do in your classroom. However, with students to chase and papers to grade, you don’t have hours to create the perfect board. That’s why you need to try these 5 simple ways to transform your classroom bulletin board from dull to dynamite.

Remove clutter
The first step to a better bulletin board is to de-clutter. We all know that between creating lesson plans, researching new educational technologies, and working closely with your students, it’s all too easy to forget about your bulletin board completely. Pieces tend to get stuck on there with the best of intentions, only to last well beyond their expiration date. Go through and take anything that is no longer relevant off.

Organize Your Board
An amazing bulletin board is a well-organized bulletin board. According to the Association for Psychological Science, children focus better in a clean, sparsely decorated classroom than in one that is heavily decorated. To better break up your sections, consider creating a color blocked background for your bulletin board. It doesn’t have to be boring; you can use colorful fabrics or coordinating butcher paper. This will make each section stand out, and, once everything has its proper place, it will be easier for you to keep it organized in the future.

Create a theme
Another fun and easy idea is to create a theme for your classroom and extend it to your bulletin board. Think of a catchy title for each section. For instance, if you had a garden theme, classroom news might be “the Daily Buzz” or a student art section could be “the Flower Garden”. Make it fun and interesting for your students.

Have an exploration board
Make one section available to students to post questions. Students of every age have questions about the world around them, but don’t always have a place to ask them. Create an inviting space where students can do just that. You could use a small chalkboard or a cluster of special pushpins and small sheets of paper. The students write their questions on the board and when you have a break in lessons, you do your best to answer one question.

Put a cute frame around it
A frame can make your bulletin board stand out, and there are plenty of cute ones to find or make. If you’re feeling crafty, the Happy Housewife has a tutorial about how to make your own framed bulletin board. You can also find frames at the thrift store. If you don’t want to put an actual frame around it, there are other options too. You could use your student’s artwork to create a unique border around your bulletin board. You could also try cupcake holders, duct tape, or even small toys.

If your bulletin board is feeling blah, spruce it up with these 5 easy techniques.