5 Types of Gym People: Which one are you?

By | December 8, 2015

For every lifter or fitness fanatic who does things by the book, there are at least five people who are doing things incorrectly or very, very oddly. Here are five types of people that we either pity or can’t help but notice whenever we see them at the gym. Do any of them ring a bell?

1. “Curlbros”

“Curlbro” is an informal term that derisively refers to exercisers who know little about proper fitness and only curl dumbbells to hone their biceps. These men will usually be found hogging the squat rack — much to the disgust of people who actually know what they’re doing — and showing off their big arms while hiding their undeveloped chests and legs with some of the finest workout gear that money can buy.

2. Cardio Bunnies

You’ve seen them sweating away on the treadmills for hours on end with little long-term results. Perhaps you’re even guilty of doing the same thing when time is short, but cardiovascular activity without resistance training is a purpose-defeating endeavor similar to throwing money down the toilet or pushing a boulder up a hill. Without lean muscle to nourish, our bodies are more likely to dump whatever we eat in the areas where we least want fat to show up.

At a bare minimum, experts recommend supplementing cardiovascular exercise with a all-around bodyweight strength training regimen that consists of push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, and sit-ups. A high-intensity interval training program combines the best of both worlds and saves committed exercisers time and money.

3. Grunters

Whether they’re hitting the pads or moving weight like freight trucks, some gym-goers like to grunt and yell as if they’re Jean-Claude Van Damme in a fight to the death. They even like to drop their weights as ostentatiously as possible, much to the annoyance of everyone else in the room.

Science has an answer for this, and it’s not just attributable to eccentricity; exercisers actually generate more force they yell. It is the same reason why karateka make noises whenever they kick and punch.

4. The Advice Guy

We have all had to start somewhere in our journey towards physical fitness, and that’s why we like to hire personal trainers. They have been there, and they know what it takes to motivate someone to get to the next level.

Some folks even like to do it for free even when you neither want nor need their advice. Although they can be helpful once in a blue moon when it comes to correcting our form, the advice guys just need to know when we want to be left on our own.

5. Leg Day Skippers

Although even hard-bodied Hollywood stars like Scott Adkins cop to missing out on leg day every now and then, leg workouts are crucial to building a strong, functional, and well-proportioned body.

These individuals can usually be identified by their razor-thin legs, which are almost guaranteed to be substantially smaller than their arms.