6 Low Cost Accessories to Tie In 2016

By | January 15, 2016

When it comes to fashion, keeping track of all the different trends can be exhausting. While fashion may change from season to season, style is forever. Rather than trying to be trendy, focus on creating a timeless outfit that will work just as well five years from now as it does today. A major part of that outfit will be the accessories you choose. While there are a number of accessories available for women, it can be much harder for men to choose. Here are a few low cost accessories to tie into your outfit in 2016.


1. Bags


Many men are afraid to carry bags for fear of looking too feminine. However, the right satchel or messenger bag can tie an outfit together and give you a put-together look that nothing else can match. A high quality bag can be a fashion statement, conversation starter, and easy way to carry your belongings without trying to hold it all in your arms.


2. Watches

Watches are one of the cornerstones of a sophisticated outfit. It’s been the mark of a punctual man for years to have a stunning watch, but with so many choices on the market it can be difficult. Choose a watch with an elegant face; avoid those that are too bulky, chunky, or that look too ‘busy.’ Instead, find a watch with a face that suits your wrist without overpowering it. Opt for a simple band; black or leather is always a good choice, or choose a linen band for warmer weather outfits.


3. Hats


Wearing hats is an easy way for a man to accessorize. However, this means more than just a baseball caps; no, the elegant man knows that the real way to spice up an outfit is with more formal headwear. A lightweight, linen suit can be elevated by wearing a Panama hat. If you’re going for a hipster look, tossing a beret on your head can make quite the statement. However, if you’re going to wear a fedora or a trillby, make sure the rest of your outfit is similar; in other words, make sure you’re wearing a tailored suit to a formal event. Certain styles of headwear do not work for day to day fashion.

4. Cufflinks


A man in a suit is a striking figure. To take that to the next level, find a nice pair of cufflinks. Not only do these help keep your sleeves in place, but they’re an easy way to add a bit of flair to an outfit.


5. Neckties


Most guys hate wearing ties. However, by finding a particularly striking tie, you can add a bit of flavor to an otherwise boring shirt. If you want to take it one step further, a bowtie can be an excellent addition.

5. Tie Bars


If you’re going to wear a tie, a tie bar can class the outfit up even farther. While traditionally used to prevent the tie from falling forward, a tie bar can be used to make a fashion statement like no other: it says, “I know how to dress.”