7 Holiday Decorating Ideas that Make Your Home Stand Out

By | December 26, 2015
Enhance Your Curb Appeal with these Holiday Decorating Tips
When it comes to decorating your home, the holidays are a great time to let your personality shine. Head to the attic to pull out your favorite decorations, or make some brand-new ones with easy DIY projects. No matter what you choose, these seven tips will help your home stand out this holiday season.

1. Bright Ideas

Of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without fairy lights. These days, lights are available in just about any color you can think of, and in shapes such as candy canes, stars, or snowflakes. String lights around planters, or even wrap strings around copper wire for a modern touch. Just be careful not to overdo the lights – your neighbors may not enjoy an over-the-top lighting spectacular.

2. Create a Cozy Spot Outdoors

If you live in a cold climate, you can shield your patio from winter weather by using outdoor blinds and an outdoor space heater. Cover existing patio furniture with fuzzy blankets and pillows, and encourage guests to curl up with a cup of hot cider or cocoa.

3. Personalized Garlands

Laminating homemade artwork or small objects is a great way to make them weatherproof. String pieces together with twine or wire, then hang them on your fence or front porch. This is a great project for children, who will love seeing their artwork on display.

4. Focus on the Front Door

A wonderfully decorated front door is the focal point of your home’s overall look. Embellish a fresh or dry wreath with fruit, feathers, pine cones – anything that comes to mind. Cone-shaped topiary plants placed on either side of the door add a welcoming and sophisticated touch.

5. Decorate Your Yard With Gifts

DIY light cube gifts are fun and festive for any front yard. They’re simple to make – simply place colorful LED lights inside white plastic stools. Wrap ribbon around each cube and place them together to represent a grouping of gifts. These cubes are safe for indoor or outdoor use.

6. Create a Brightly Lit Path

A crafting staple, mason jars are the perfect vessels for tea lights or battery-operated fairy lights. Place light-filled jars on your front steps or porch to create a beautifully lit pathway. You’ll find that these jars are perfect for spring and summer nights, too!

7. Add Natural Touches

Found at many stores (or you can grow your own), a rosemary “tree” can add a fragrant touch to any porch. You can also make your own tree decoration by arranging driftwood sticks into a traditional triangle shape.

With a little creativity, you can create a fresh holiday look for your home. By trying these simple tips and project ideas, you’re sure to enhance your home’s curb appeal while getting your family into the holiday spirit.