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6 Low Cost Accessories to Tie In 2016

When it comes to fashion, keeping track of all the different trends can be exhausting. While fashion may change from season to season, style is forever. Rather than trying to be trendy, focus on creating a timeless outfit that will work just as well five years from now as it does today. A major part… Read More »

5 Smart Ways to Overhaul your Crawl Space

A crawl space is an important part of any home. While this small basement-like area may not provide enough room in which to stand upright, it’s very important to consider the structural integrity of this area. A crawl space provides valuable access to: Plumbing Wiring Foundation, joists and other structural supports If you’ve neglected to… Read More »

The Ultimate Guide for Winterizing Your Roof

You should winterize your roof every year. By inspecting the top of your home, you can often find small problems before they turn into major issues and have them repaired promptly. There are many maintenance issues that should be performed on your roof each winter to help make sure that your roof lasts for as… Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Next Burger

Creating the truly perfect burger is an art. Whether you are cooking a meal for one or planning a picnic for dozens, it is important that you understand some of the steps you can take to make your burger stand out. Take a look at these five simple ways you can spice up one of… Read More »

4 Reasons Traditional Taxis Stay On Top

Taxi cabs have been an iconic scene in many large cities where the majority of citizens do not own cars or need to get somewhere by the end of the day and can afford to wait. New driving services – like Uber and Lyft – are beginning to take a large chunk of the taxi… Read More »

6 Retro-Inspired Christmas Ideas

Christmas is a fun time of the year. Snow, presents, and parties abound in the season. However, if all the modern decorations are not tickling your fancy, there is a way to really get into the Christmas spirit. However, never fear, because there are ways to channel the past into your Christmas. For example, use… Read More »

5 Simple Ways to Jazz Up Your Classroom Bulletin Board

Bulletin boards. Every teacher has one. But you aren’t just every teacher. You are a one-of-a-kind, teacher extraordinaire. No ordinary bulletin board will do in your classroom. However, with students to chase and papers to grade, you don’t have hours to create the perfect board. That’s why you need to try these 5 simple ways… Read More »