Deep Tissue Massage: Is Their Pain Involved?

By | November 28, 2015

Patients who have never had a deep tissue massage often wonder if there will be pain involved. If you are experiencing pain somewhere along your spine or in the extremities, you could benefit from this type of therapy. Of course, you want to know what to expect. This kind of treatment feels different to each person.

The Truth About Deep Tissue Massage
A massage therapist will provide deep tissue massage to patients who want to really work out the kinks in their tissues. This massage technique involves applying prolonged pressure to the interior layers of muscle. A therapist attempts to break apart adhesions, or knots, in the muscle tissue. Thousands of years ago, the ancient Egyptians first introduced this technique.

The Discomfort: Is It Worth It?
There is no denying that a patient may experience some degree of discomfort during a deep tissue massage, but it is not supposed to be painful. When a massage therapist applies pressure to the fascia, or connecting tissues under the muscle layers, the body begins to loosen up. The end result will be greater circulation to the areas with adhesions. The affected muscle tissue will stretch and begin to release toxins that are caught up in the adhesions. In essence, this release of toxins is the primary value of enduring the discomfort of deep tissue massage. A patient also achieves greater flexibility and feels less stiff following the treatment.

The Importance of Finding the Right Therapist
When consumers shop for a breakfast cereal, they want to find the one with the right combination of color, texture, taste, and smell. They also want to feel positive about the product’s ingredients and pay the vendor a fair price. Modern patients also have many choices in terms of a particular massage therapist. The best way to ensure that deep tissue massage is right for you is to try a session with at least two qualified therapists. Determine if each professional’s style of deep tissue massage feels right to you.

The Benefits
Although massage therapists employ their own techniques to individualize your treatment as they apply greater pressure to your adhesions, they have the common goal of relieving your pain. Releasing pent-up toxins will help you feel better before you even leave the massage table. The best way to determine if the temporary discomfort of a therapist massaging your sore muscle tissue is acceptable to you is to try it yourself.