Egypt tours: Why It Should be on your Bucket List

By | December 1, 2015

Egypt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations filled with beauty and cultural gems. Here are some of the things that should absolutely arouse your appetite to visit the evocative home of the Pharaohs.

Giza pyramids.

Egypt is known for its pyramids. Did you know that The Giza Pyramid is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world? Also, it is the oldest and the largest of the three pyramids. You also get to ride on camels to the tops of the hills overlooking the pyramids, which is a fun experience.

Great Sphinx.

Located in Giza in front of the Khafre pyramid, is the great Sphinx, which is known to be a monumental sculpture. Most people kiss the Sphinx, and for a small price pay a local to take pictures of them. You’ve got to give Mr. Sphinx a smooch.

Cairo Museum.

Located in Cairo is the Cairo museum which houses a wide collection of antiques. You get to see king Tut’s golden masks which he wore during funerals; the mummies and other iconic pieces. Therefore, the museum will provide you with invaluable insight into ancient civilization, compared to visiting monuments.

Egyptian Food.

Egyptian cuisine is fantastic. From mahshi hammam (roasted pigeon stuffed with rice and herbs), dolma (stuffed grape leaves), Shawarma (shredded meat in a pita), baba ghannoug( a spread made with eggplant) to lamb kebab (minced meat skewers), you will get to love them!

Nile cruise.

If you want to have a memorable moment, then the Nile cruise would be a nice try. The Nile cruise operates between Aswan and Luxor and is a very comfortable way of enjoying the site of Egypt’s upper side. The fascinating site of the camel field arid desert and the jungle foliage will leave you amazed.

Ancient Temples of Luxor.

Located in the town of Luxor on the bank of the Nile is the Luxor temple. The temple is confiscated with its Sphinx lined walkways and filled with paintings and interesting carvings. You don’t want to miss the stunning view at night of the temple when it’s lit up in a golden hue.

Valley of The Kings and Queens.

Pharaoh’s who wanted to be closer to the source of the dynastic roots built their crypts in the hills west of Luxor. Valuable collections lie in the Nile’s west bank near Luxor. It is believed that more than 60 pharaohs are buried at the Valley of the Kings and over 100 queens and royal children were buried in the valley of the queens. The tombs are incredibly well preserved with stunning artwork and colours. One is allowed to enter a total of seven tombs between the two areas.

The Red Sea.

The Red Sea has many beach resorts and luxurious water sports hence; it would be a very good site for relaxation.