How to Prevent Odors From Settling In Your Trash Can

By | January 31, 2016

There may be several trash cans in use in your home, including in the kitchen, bathroom, home office and other areas. Trash cans can become unsightly, smelly areas of the home over a short period of time. Bags can leak, and some debris or liquids may fall into the bottom of the trash can or stick to the lid when you are changing bags. Such things can result in mold and bacterial growth that could make your trash can a true health hazard. With this in mind, you may be wondering how you can keep your trash can clean so that you do not have to deal with such an incredible, stinky mess on a regular basis.

Empty the Trash Can Regularly
One of the best steps that you can take to keep your trash can clean is to empty it regularly. Avoid placing liquids into the trash can, and empty cups and containers into the sink before placing them in the trash can. Also, avoid pushing the trash in the bag downward. While this may save you a trash bag or two over time by compacting trash, it also can make it more likely for your bag to rip or tear. This results in trash getting into the bottom of the trash can. Make a habit of changing the trash bag every day or two even if it is not completely full so that odors do not accumulate.

Clean Your Trash Can Periodically
While emptying the trash and using trash bags with care can go a long way toward keeping your trash can clean, keep in mind that you will need to clean the trash can periodically. This can be done with rubber gloves, a scrubber brush and a disinfectant. Take the trash can outside close to your garden, and start scrubbing with the disinfectant cleaner. Soon, you will have a clean, fresh-smelling garbage can. This effort can be repeated every month or more frequently if necessary. The bacteria and mold growth can become more problematic over time, so it is best to clean the trash can out sooner rather than after it has become saturated with smelly growth.

Invest in a Deodorizer
Another smart idea is to invest in a deodorizer. This will not keep the trash can clean, but it can eat away odors. There are some odor-eating deodorizers that you can stick to the inside of the lid or at the bottom of the trash can under the bag. These can remain in the trash can for several weeks, fighting odors and helping to keep the can smelling great in between your regular cleaning sessions.

A trash can is a necessary part of your home, providing you with a convenient waste removal option. However, trash cans can also be unsightly, smelly and even unhealthy. These tips work well for all trash cans in your home, and you can easily follow these steps today so that you can improve their cleanliness and keep them smelling fresh as well.