The Best Prohormone Supplements on the Market

By | January 22, 2016

Pro-hormones offer another solution for bodybuilders thinking of using steroids. They don’t contain the androgenic hormones that can add bulk to your frame, but they also don’t carry the same unwanted side effects associated with steroids. Androgenic pro-hormones include the ideal ingredients for weightlifters because they’re fully legal and much safer to use than steroids.

Pro-hormones aren’t actually hormones, so they’re legal to buy in the United States. The way they work is by making it possible for your body to convert the hormonal precursors into the same types of compounds that are created when you inject steroids. The result is muscle gain with a smaller risk of side effects, including hair loss and other common symptoms of increased testosterone. The following list covers the most popular pro-hormones on the market today so that you can start researching the compound you want to use during your bulking cycle.


This version of Andro is a testosterone precursor that isn’t converted to estrogen or DHT in the body. It’s very effective at building mass because it has a high hormonal profile. It’s perfect for any type of bulking cycle and doesn’t have any of the severe side effects associated with steroids. It was recently the subject of a study involving college-age men. The test subjects took 1-Andro while weightlifting over a 30-day period, and on average, they gained 11 pounds of muscle while losing six pounds of fat.


A lighter version of Andro with less bulking power, 4-Andro is a precursor of male growth hormones with a balanced blend of anabolic and androgenic effects. Men and women can take advantage of this pro-hormone in conjunction with other supplements, and they’ll notice excellent muscle gains and fat loss with few of the unwanted side effects associated with steroids. It can be used as a transitioning compound between cycles of more powerful pro-hormones.


People use this compound because it’s an effective precursor of DHT, making it ideal for fat loss. However, be careful when using this product as it may have unwanted side effects, including hair loss for those with a family history of thinning hair. It’s meant for bodybuilders to use during a cutting phase because it will help you retain the muscle you gained while bulking. You may notice an increase in mental energy, stamina and libido while taking Epiandro.


This product has been compared to the steroid Winstrol because it produces muscle gains in a very similar way. While your gains may not be as big as with Andro, you can minimize the unwanted side effects of the testosterone with this product. In contrast to other androgens, this hormone won’t increase your aggression, but it will yield substantial results in terms of size and energy.


Bodybuilders have compared Bolderone to the popular steroids Boldione and Boldenone, also known by the brand name Equipoise. It has the ability to increase your appetite while reducing joint inflammation caused by weight training. Although it doesn’t produce large gains on its own, it’s very effective as a part of a supplement stack during a bulking cycle.