The Ultimate Inspection List for Laundromat Businesses

By | January 28, 2016

A Laundromat is a business with coin-operated washing machines that can be used by the public at a fee. Like other types of public properties, Laundromats should be regularly inspected to ensure they are safe for public use. Owners of Laundromats should use this checklist to learn what inspectors look for to help avoid violations.

Like any other type of business, Laundromats are required to have a valid DCA laundry license. In addition, the license must be posted where all customers can see it.

The price of every Laundromat service must be posted where all customers can see or where payments are made. The price list must include a list of all available services, the minimum price for each service, description of what may cause a price increase, range of additional prices, and hourly labor rates (if applicable). The price list for a Laundromat must not have different prices for men and women for the same services.

If your Laundromat business charges above the minimum for certain services, the price and the service must be visibly posted where everyone can see. If your Laundromat offers special services at varying prices, the dissimilarities between the services must be clearly explained and posted where all customers can see. In addition, the business must clearly post its refund policy near the register where all customers can see.

Limitations on using credit cards and minimum purchase amounts must be clearly posted at the register or entrance. In addition, the working hours of the Laundromat must be clearly posted at the entrance or where the customers entering the store can see. However, if the Laundromat attendant is only available at certain times, the management must post the following information where all customers can see: “all complaints and claims for refund can be made to (name, address, and phone number of the attendant)” for refunds.

The letters and numbers of all posts and signs must be at least two inches high. If the Laundromat is located in a neighborhood where majority of the residents speak Spanish, the signs, and posters must be in English and Spanish.

If the Laundromat uses laundry cards instead of coins, a sign must be posted in a location where customers can see informing them how they can get a refund and if they can get back the money that is left on their cards. In addition, if a machine does not work, there must be a sign that says it is out of order.

Receipts and Claim Tickets
The Laundromat’s claim tickets, business cards, flyers and receipts must contain the business name and address as well as the DCA license number. Claim tickets must contain the name and address of the customer as well as each laundry service charge and the total charge. The business must give receipts to customers for purchases over $20. However, customers who make purchases of between $5 and $20 can request receipts for their purchases.

Receipts must contain the date of purchase, total amount paid, amount for each item or service, separate tax statement, name and address of the Laundromat, and the business’ DCA license number.

If the Laundromat has scales for weighing clothes then the scale must have a DCA seal and be inspected each year.